Traffic data processing

Use Miovision for all your traffic studies

The process for collecting and using traffic data is broken. You request data in one place, collect it in another, and analyse it in yet another. We knew there had to be a better way.
That’s why we built Miovision DataLink.

Travel time

Measure of time for travelling between two or more locations.


Intersection count

Tally of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian movements.


Roundabout count

Total sum of turning movements from origin to destination.

road volume

Road volume data

Count of vehicle and bicycle volumes on a road segment.


Vehicle gap data

Measure of headway time between vehicles in seconds.

bike path

Pedestrian & bicycle pathway count

Count of pedestrians and bicycle volumes on pavement, paths, or intersecting paths.

Expand traffic data capabilities with advanced options

Vehicle class

Vehicle classifications

Miovision provides full vehicle classification and can provide custom classifications on request.

Traffic light

Right-turn on red

Meet the requirements of the 2010 HCM by adding RTOR data to your intersection counts.

Crosswalk data

Crosswalk data

Combine pedestrian and bicycle crosswalk movements into your intersection count studies.

Introducing Miovision DataLink

Get organised, get connected, get projects done.

Miovision DataLink is the only project and data management software built for traffic data that helps traffic engineers create more responsive, efficient traffic networks. Request studies, organise & store your data, and share & visualize reports.

How Miovision processes video

Miovision ensures 95% data accuracy on all traffic data collection studies using a three-step-process.

trafficlink configuration

Configuration and processing

Once a video study is uploaded to Miovision, the video is configured by a Data Services Technician to identify all vehicle entry and exit points, and all possible movements. The video is then submitted to Miovision’s proprietary system for data extraction.

Manual quality assurance and visual data check

Once traffic data is initially processed, our data is manually reviewed by Data Services Technicians to ensure Miovision’s ±5/95% Accuracy Standard. A visual time-of-day inspection is also taken to review data anomalies.

trafficlink time of day count
traffic corridor

Corridor check

Corridors and adjacent locations are checked with data visualization tools to ensure a ±5 vehicle accuracy or 95% match between common links. Inconsistencies are manually reviewed for data bin-overlap or reviewing the study area for mid-block trip generators or destinations.

Industry validated traffic data accuracy

96.4% vehicle volume accuracy

Accuracy comparison of non-intrusive, automated traffic volume counting equipment

99.5% vehicle volume accuracy

Evaluation of non-intrusive technologies for traffic detection

99% intersection count accuracy

Comparison of Turning Movement Count data collection methods for a signal optimization study

97.5% intersection count accuracy

AlburyCity comparison of traffic data collection methods

Reliable service and support


72-hour turnaround time

Miovision delivers traffic data on any sized video within 72 hours of upload completion. Need data faster? Expedite with the 24-hour and 48-hour options.


Dedicated support team

Miovision’s support staff is available 24/7. They are ready to review any data issues or to clarify study requirements.