Requesting and using travel time data just got easier

With DataLink you can request, receive, analyze, and share your travel time data all in one place. All this means that you can go from requesting to having accurate travel time data in days – not weeks or months.


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Get all the benefits of DataLink

Because travel time is part of Miovision DataLink, you get access to the industry’s only end-to-end tool for traffic data.

Verifiable data
Unlike other travel time collection methods, Miovision travel time uses Scout – the industry’s leading video collection device. All of the video and raw data from your study is available for you to audit, allowing you to dig deeper into your project and ensure you’re meeting industry guidelines for sample size.

Eliminate data scrubbing
Don’t spend time manually scrubbing data, creating tables, and building charts. We automatically filter the data for you, and consolidate all your travel time data into a ready-to-go package, including printable reports and workbooks.

Simple and hassle free
Generating travel time data with Miovision is easy. A single Scout does the work of multiple other technologies. Your project is also fully trackable, and you can check in on the status of it at any time.

Complete metrics
With Miovision, you’ll receive more than just travel time. You will get a full set of metrics, including space mean speed, number of trips, planning time index, travel time index, and buffer time index. Plus, you’ll have the ability to add a travel time study to any TMC, ATR, or ped and bike count.

Why choose Miovision for travel time?

See how the Miovision platform performs against other travel time solutions.


Scout (WiFi) GPS (floating car) Bluetooth

Large data set
Match rate: 7–10%
Very small data set
Limited to number of runs
driven by floating car
Large data set
Match rate: 5–7%
Gathering Easily requested via DataLink
and collected via Scout
Manually drive multiple
times along the route
Collection requires single
functionality device
Travel time, space mean speed,
TMC, and volume capable
Travel time, spot speed Travel time,
space mean speed
Ease of validation Auditable via video
and TMC data
Unable to report traffic volumes,
single data source that can’t be
cross referenced
No source of ground truth
to validate against
Analysis Raw data and automatically
filtered reports via DataLink and
exact travel time matches
Typically non-web based clients
and basic reports/raw data only
Raw data & filtered
reports but may contain
synthetic data

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