Changemakers, we’ve got your back.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to fight to change the status quo. That’s why we’ve consolidated all of our resources into one downloadable piece – The Changemaker’s Toolkit. Here’s to a more walkable and bikeable city.

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First, get inspired

At Miovision, our mission is to use data to empower transportation professionals to improve the transportation experience for everyone. We hope this guide empowers you to be a changemaker in your community. Join our fight to make the transportation experience better for everyone.

Chapter 1: The case for people-centered cities

As an agent of change, you need awe-inspiring stats that show the powerful impact of a bikeable and walkable city.The data to support this change is overwhelming. We've consolidated the most compelling facts, figures, and research into this section to support your efforts.

Chapter 2: Fighting the good fight

We’ve armed you with the benefits of people-centered streets, and now it’s time to take the fight to colleagues, officials and citizens and advocate for change. This section highlights three areas to focus on: overcoming objections, changing metrics and demonstrating urgency. This is a good start to making it happen.

Chapter 3: Making it happen

You’ve made your case to your town or city, now it’s time to push it into action. This section will provide you with the resources to get started.

Chapter 4: Analyzing & collecting data

Data will be a fundamental aspect to understanding and analyzing the changes to your town or city. This section will provide an overview of how to use data to your advantage, and the technologies and tools to make it happen.

Chapter 5: Implementation in action

Several cities in the world have successfully implemented multi-modal transportation strategies. We break down some of the world's best snapshots of success.

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The changemaker's guide to walkable & bikeable cities

At Miovision, our mission is to use technology to improve the transportation experience for everyone. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work putting together the Changemaker’s Guide to Walkable and Bikeable Cities. Why? Because we want to empower transportation professionals to transform their streets. This guide will act as a fully-stocked toolkit for transportation professionals and government officials looking to build bike-friendly and walkable cities.

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